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Oliver Raw printmaker

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep it fairly short: I’m a self-taught British/Swedish printmaker & illustrator. As a printmaker I focus largely on linocuts, while my illustration work covers editorial and picture book illustration.

Leaving England at 18, I headed first for Paris. A scullion’s life wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and I was soon lured eastward. I've since lived or have spent a reasonable amount of time in  Hong Kong, Bali, India, Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand.

I also do a sideline in travel writing and photography.

If you’d like to commission a print or an illustration please drop me an email here.

Clients include:

Wall Street Journal * Conde Nast Traveller Middle East
Business Traveller Asia-Pacific * The Sydney Morning Herald/
The Age * Campaign Magazine Asia-Pacific
Time Out (Hong Kong) * Gulf News (UAE)
SEA Globe * South China Morning Post
Singapore Airlines * Asahi Shimbun
The Asia Eater * China Economic Review
The National (UAE) * Goethe Institut USA
Absolute Vodka * 48 Hours magazine (Hong Kong)
The Japan Times * Style Magazine (Hong Kong)
TBWA Shanghai * IDEO China
The Korea Herald *Coconuts Media
The Nation (HK) * Empire Magazine
Shanghai Tang * AsiaArtsPacific
Action Asia * Coconuts Media

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